Welcome to Ayurtrita

The holistic Ayurveda wellness center where tradition meets healing. Established in 2020, Ayurtrita is the soul child of a young aspiring Ayurveda practitioner and a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who want to provide the best of authentic Kerala Ayurveda practices to the Dallas community. Originated in India and flourished in God’s own country Kerala, Ayurveda is a comprehensive health care system with a profound history of more than 5000 years. Rather than a science that focuses only on illnesses and recovery, Ayurveda is considered as a complete way of living that integrates the body, mind and spirit. At Ayurtrita, we focus on delivering the untainted benefits of this divine science in the most traditional and authentic way.

We believe in adhering to the ancestral lineages of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom while offering the most modern and luxurious comfort for you, in the best possible way. All services and facilities at Ayurtrita are exclusively designed to match your expectations and requirements. With the serene ambience, traditional equipments and authentic Kerala style services we offer at Ayurtrita, you are never too far from experiencing the real Ayurvedic wellness. Let it be a relaxation massage, a detoxification programme or a much needed pampering for your skin and hair, Ayurtrita ensures you get more than what you expect. Come, experience the goodness of Ayurveda touching the soul at Ayurtrita and rejuvenate the body & mind to unleash the best in you.


"At Ayurtrita, your wellbeing is our motto. We believe in the Ayurvedic way of soulful living and wish to take you along in this healing journey. Come and join us to explore a whole new authentic Ayurvedic experience like never before."