Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term derived from two words - “Abha” (meaning glow) and “Anga” (meaning body part), literally translating to “that which imparts glow to the body parts”. Performed with pure medicated herbal oils, Abhyanga intends to rejuvenate your physical, mental and spiritual well-being, providing ultimate relaxation. A deeply nourishing procedure, this soothing massage Abhyanga also gives comfort to your aching muscles and joints.

    Why Abhyanga?

  • Standardized traditional Kerala Ayurveda procedure

  • An exclusive procedure that involves all body parts

  • Aids relief from aches and pains

  • Comforting and soothing to the muscles and joints

  • Imparts a deep sense of rejuvenation, relaxation and freshness

  • Promotes restful and sound sleep

  • Supports proper metabolic activity

  • Helps eliminate accumulated toxins

  • Promotes natural glow of the skin

  • Balances Vata dosha in the body


What to expect?

Abhyanga at Ayurtrita is nothing but an extremely refreshing experience. Suitable herbal oils are selected by the Ayurveda practitioner and heated to optimum tolerable temperature. Anointing the oil on your head and body is followed by a sophisticated massage in the traditional Ayurveda way. The massage is done with bare hands to ensure proper pressure and uniform contribution of oil all over the body. Extra care will be taken while massaging the areas of pains, aches and discomfort.

The healing touch during Abhyanga helps stimulate the marma points (vital spots) and blood circulation beneath, ensuring optimum benefits. Suitable temperature of the oil and pressure maintained throughout the procedure also aids opening up of pores (shrotas), facilitating expulsion of accumulated toxins. This also promotes easy penetration and absorption of medicated herbal oil through the skin and nourishes even the deep tissues.

The comforting massage is usually followed by a 15 minutes steam bath. The duration of the steam bath is decided according to the body condition, by our expert Practitioners.

Let your body, mind and soul slowly embrace the changes from within, for a new beginning!