Podi kizhi, also known as Choorna pinda sweda (in Sanskrit), is a traditional massage technique famous in Kerala. As the name suggests, this massage involves the use of heated cloth boluses containing medicated herbal powders (Podi means powder and kizhi means bolus). A specialized form of Abhyanga, Choorna pinda sweda (Podi kizhi) is a dry massage with heated herbal bags.

    Why Choorna pinda sweda / Podikizhi?

  • One of the finest Ayurveda therapies known for pain relief

  • Helps relieve joint pain, swelling and stiffness

  • Beneficial in body aches and muscle spasms

  • Promotes joint flexibility

  • Aids pain relief in degenerative conditions

  • Helps normalize deranged Vata and Kapha doshas

  • Supports mobilization of accumulated toxins (Ama)

  • Soothes the nerves and promotes blood circulation

  • Helps strengthen the muscles and joints


What to expect?

At Ayurtrita, each procedure is done in the most traditional way, without compromising your comfort levels. Choorna pinda sweda is a typical Ayurveda massage that makes use of the therapeutic value of different medicinal herbs. Superior quality herbs are selected, dried well and powdered before tying into a sterile cotton cloth. This cloth bundle tied in a special manner is heated up to optimum tolerable temperature and massage is performed.

Constant temperature is ensured throughout the procedure by changing the cloth bundle and heating them periodically. The therapeutic benefits of the herbs and the temperature maintained throughout the procedure helps in easy penetration and absorption through the skin. The aim is to bring out sweat through which the metabolic wastes (Ama) are expelled out and you start feeling lightness in your body. It takes around 75 minutes to complete the entire procedure.

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