An absolutely invigorating and cleansing procedure, Nasyam is one among the renowned Panchakarma therapies in Ayurveda. The administration of medicated herbal oil through the nostrils acts as a purificatory procedure. Hence, Nasyam is also known as Shiro virechana (‘Shiras’ means head and ‘Virechana’ means purgation in Sanskrit), which implies the expulsion of wastes from the head region.

    Why Nasyam?

  • One among the famous Panchakarma therapies

  • An excellent procedure for the organs above the neck

  • Helps cleanse the respiratory pathway

  • Aids purification of sinuses

  • Assists the expulsion of accumulated phlegm

  • Imparts clarity to the sense organs like eyes, ears, tongue etc.

  • Provides a sense of lightness to the head

  • Supports the functions of nerves originating from the head

  • Beneficial in reducing pain and stiffness associated with head, neck and shoulders

  • Helps maintain normal hormone secretions

  • Provides better resistance to air-borne irritants


What to expect?

Head is one of the vital organs in the human body. A periodic cleansing is essential for it to stay healthy and perform normal functions. Ayurveda is blessed with a range of unique procedures to maintain the health of every organ, which are collectively called Panchakarma. Nasyam is one such purificatory procedure meant for the organs above the neck and is one of the easiest Panchakarma therapies to perform.

Nasyam involves the administration of suitable medicated herbal oil through the nostrils. A gentle face massage by touching the marma points (vital points), followed by steam application is performed as a preparatory procedure prior to Nasyam. 2 drops of the oil are then carefully instilled in both the nostrils and the individual is allowed to inhale. The neck, shoulders, ears, palms and soles are massaged gently after the administration. The individual can spit out the phlegm and medicine when it reaches the mouth. The procedure helps in maintaining a hygienic respiratory pathway and ensures lubrication of the nasal, oral and sinus cavities.

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