Nadi Pariksha

Ayurveda, one of the most ancient healing systems in the world has some unique techniques and procedures to boast of. At a time when there were no sophisticated diagnostic tools available, the ancient sages relied on such exemplary methods to reach a definite diagnosis. Ashtavidha Pareeksha or the 8-fold diagnostic techniques is one such approach which helped the ancient Practitioners in their decision making. Nadi Pareeksha is a part of Ashtavidha Pareeksha and is considered as a specialized branch since it itself can accurately provide vital information about the body.

The term Nadi refers to pulse and Pareeksha is examination. So, Nadi Pareeksha is a pulse reading technique where the arterial pulse of a person is carefully examined to get vital information. Like the different strings on a guitar or a violin generate different musical notes, the same way, the pulse of the hand projects different dosha vitiation. An expert Ayurveda Practitioner can analyze the pulse rhythm accurately and reach a conclusion regarding your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. At Ayurtrita, a detailed Nadi Pareeksha with our experts will help you determine your Prakruthi, dosha constitution and much more. Prepare yourself to get astonished when the right awareness touches you. Enlighten yourself with a new insight about your body and understand how to lead a premium quality life, the Ayurveda way.

The Pulse has a purpose