Shirodhara is a Sanskrit term derived from two separate words ‘Shiras’ (meaning head) and ‘Dhara’ (to flow). One of the most renowned Ayurveda procedures for all the right reasons, Shirodhara is a soothing therapy where a continuous stream of warm medicated liquid is allowed to gently flow over the forehead. Apart from awakening your senses and bestowing tranquility, Shirodhara promotes sound and restful sleep.

    Why Shirodhara?

  • A perfect way to unwind your stress and worries

  • Helps calm down the mind

  • Imparts a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation

  • Helps correct sleep disorders

  • Beneficial in headaches

  • Promotes nourishment of head and scalp

  • Helps improve circulation and optimal hormonal function

  • Aids clarity of sense organs above the neck

  • Supports memory and concentration


What to expect?

A holistic procedure that heals the body, mind and soul, Shirodhara is all you need to experience the heavenly state of relaxation. At Ayurtrita, Shirodhara is a delightful experience that complements your physical, mental and spiritual attributes while gently nourishing your soul. Suitable lukewarm liquids like medicated milk/ buttermilk/ water etc. are allowed to flow in a streamline motion over the forehead, from a pot hung above. The oil that flows down through the hair stimulates and nourishes the scalp and head when combined with the gentle comforting massage.

Head is one of the sites with the maximum number of marma points (vital spots). The stream of oil that falls down first touches the Ajna Chakra (the seat of third eye) that stimulates the area. It helps in awakening the senses and promotes the circulation and release of different hormones. The streamline flow of lukewarm medicated liquid and the soothing massage help calm down the mind and soul alike.

Let the healing begin from your mind and brain!