Greeva Vasti

Do you know that the work-life imbalance can be a pain in the neck? Literally, yes. Working long hours at a desk without maintaining proper posture is one of the most important causes for the stiffness and pain that you experience at the end of the day. Once in a while, your neck needs to be pampered too. At Ayurtrita, we have an ancient Ayurveda procedure exclusively designed for the neck - Greeva Vasti.

    Why Greeva Vasti?

  • A specialized procedure for the upper back side of the neck

  • Supports the health of cervical spine

  • Helps relax the muscles of the upper back region

  • Aids strengthening of the muscles, bones and connective tissue

  • Promotes circulation to the upper back

  • Aids faster relief from pain and stiffness

  • Helps check degeneration of the bones of the upper back

  • Supports flexible neck movements


What to expect?

Greeva Vasti, the Sanskrit term refers to the retention of warm medicated herbal oil over the upper back side of the neck (‘Greeva’ means ‘neck’ and ‘Vasti’ refers to ‘that which holds’). The upper back side of the neck is one of the common areas where a bad posture can cause considerable damages. Greeva Vasti is an all-in-one procedure performed in the traditional Ayurveda way that ensures the health of all organs associated with the cervical region (upper neck).

Suitable medicated herbal oil is heated up in a sterile vessel. It is then poured inside a specially designed reservoir made of black gram paste, placed over the upper back side of the neck. The oil is allowed to retain there for a specific period under expert supervision.

A gentle massage with the same warm oil is performed after the procedure. The entire procedure takes around 60 minutes to complete. This helps stimulate the marma points (vital spots) around the area and helps release the tension, pain and stiffness associated with the neck region.

Let the neck pain not be a hindrance to look forward in your life!