Spotless skin and radiant glow are every woman’s dream. At Ayurtrita, we strive to make your dreams come true with the refreshing touch of Ayurveda! Customized according to each skin type, Mukhalepam at Ayurtrita is a whole new experience of natural herbal ingredients blending with your skin.

    Why Mukhalepam?

  • Ancient Ayurveda technique for enhancing beauty

  • Uses only natural ingredients

  • Individualized according to the facial skin type

  • Aids correction of dosha imbalance

  • Helps open up the pores

  • Supports natural glow of the skin

  • Helps maintain the natural complexion and skin tone

  • Beneficial in pigmentation, blemishes, spots and tans

  • Helps combat dryness of the skin


What to expect?

The face is a reflection of your personality. Rather than the complexion, we believe your face mirrors how beautiful you are from within. At Ayurtrita, we are determined to showcase your innate personality and confidence through our exclusive Mukhalepam. A customized herbal paste according to the skin type is freshly prepared by using herbal powders in suitable liquid medium. It is then applied on the clean face in appropriate thickness, taking care to avoid the eyes. The lepam is allowed to retain on the face for a specific period, till it dries up.

After the stipulated time period, the lepam is carefully removed by wiping with a sterile wet cotton. According to the skin texture and condition, a gentle massage may also be done to promote circulation. The application of specially prepared herbal paste helps in removing the dead skin cells and promotes natural glow and complexion. The goodness of pure herbal ingredients penetrates deep within and helps remove pigmentation, tan, spots etc. that cause a hindrance to your natural beauty.

Enjoy an ever-radiant beautiful skin with our exotic Mukhalepam. Make the heads turn!