Udvarthana is a classical Ayurveda procedure where medicated herbal powders mixed with suitable oils are rubbed over the body along with rigorous massage. A procedure that supports healthy weight loss, Udvarthana is also called powder massage and helps in toning the body perfectly.

    Why Udvarthana?

  • Standardized classical Ayurveda procedure

  • Supports healthy weight loss

  • Facilitates mobilization of accumulated fat

  • Helps expel ama (toxins) from the body

  • A deep tissue massage which benefits all the dhatus

  • Helps improve Agni (digestive fire)

  • Helps tone the body, skin and muscles

  • Aids strengthening of muscles

  • Promotes natural skin glow

  • Helps improve circulation

  • Assists exfoliation of dead skin cells

  • Helps remove bad body odor


What to expect?

At Ayurtrita, we are keen on delivering Ayurveda procedures exactly in the traditional manner. Udvarthana is a rigorous powder massage with medicated herbal powders mixed with suitable oils. Oil and herbal powder will be selected by our expert Ayurveda practitioners. To protect your skin from the friction caused by the powder, some quantity of oil will be smeared all over the body as a preparatory procedure. Massage is then performed with medicated powder mixed with oil. Special care will be given over areas like stomach and hip where the fat tends to accumulate more.

The massage is performed with well-trained bare hands so that adequate pressure is ensured throughout the procedure. The heat generated through the vigorous massage along with the goodness of herbal powders and oil, helps in mobilizing the accumulated fat, leading to healthy weight loss. It also supports the expulsion of toxins through the open pores of the skin. This enhances the peripheral blood circulation towards the skin imparting a never before glow, naturally!

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