One of the most popular Ayurveda procedures at Ayurtrita, Swedana lets you enter an oasis of ultimate relaxation and comfort when you need it the most. Swedana is the traditional Ayurveda way of making the body perspire to expel the accumulated toxins through the skin.

    Why Swedana?

  • Aids opening up of the pores of the skin

  • Helps expel the accumulated toxins through the skin

  • Imparts a sense of lightness to the body

  • Soothing and comforting procedure

  • Helps calm the mind and the body

  • Promotes circulation

  • Balances Vata and Kapha doshas in the body


What to expect?

Swedana is a highly regarded Ayurveda procedure performed alone and as a part of many Panchakarma therapies. At Ayurtrita, we do believe in providing the exact Ayurveda benefits to you rather than a simple steam bath. We follow the traditional Ayurvedic way of performing a mild Abhyanga (oil massage) prior to Swedana. This Abhyanga helps in improving the peripheral circulation towards the skin, facilitating easy expulsion of toxins through Swedana.

Suitable oil for Abhyanga will be selected and made warm in a sterile vessel. A full body gentle massage is then done as a preparatory method before Swedana. The individual is then introduced into a prepared steam chamber for Swedana under expert supervision. The application of steam and the temperature will be adjusted according to your tolerance level and performed till adequate sweating is achieved.

Swedana is a soothing procedure that imparts lightness to the body. Ayurtrita stands apart from the usual sauna and spa in delivering everything the traditional Ayurveda way.

Listen how your body responds amazingly to the Ayurveda touch!