An abode of complex marma points, the feet deserve to be cared for once in a while. At Ayurtrita, Padabhyanga (foot massage) is performed in the traditional Ayurveda way by understanding the pressure points and its importance.

    Why Padabhyanga?

  • Creates a sense of relaxation

  • Supports pain relief

  • Promotes sound sleep

  • Helps strengthen the functioning of nerves

  • Improves sensation of touch

  • Aids relief from stiffness, numbness etc.

  • Helps improve circulation

  • Helps strengthen the muscles and joints of the feet

  • Aids flexibility and mobility of the joints


What to expect?

Indulge in the energizing effect of Padabhyanga at Ayurtrita, where ancient Ayurvedic wisdom entangles with modernity. One of the proven methods to release stress and worries naturally, Padabhyanga is a specialized form of foot massage performed in the traditional Ayurveda way.

Suitable medicated herbal oil is selected and heated to optimum temperature. This is then used to massage the feet and the part below the knees in a prescribed fashion. The feet are an abode of various nerve endings and pressure points (marma) and we take utmost care in stimulating each of them for optimum benefits. The temperature maintained throughout and the gentle pressure during massage with the goodness of Ayurveda oils will help improve the circulation and also strengthen the nerve functions. It imparts a soothing refreshing experience and promotes sound sleep.

Let the pampering begin at your feet and ends at the soul!