Netra Tarpanam

A fast-paced competitive world has prompted everyone to spend enough and more time with the screens. And sometimes it rewards you with headache, tired dull looking eyes, dark circles, computer vision syndrome and what not! Bring back that lost twinkle in your eyes with the natural healing touch of Ayurveda. At Ayurtrita, we offer you one of the most satisfying eye procedures in Ayurveda - Netra Tarpanam.

    Why Netra Tarpanam?

  • A non-invasive Ayurveda procedure for the eyes

  • Provides a cooling and soothing effect

  • Helps ward off eye strain

  • Acts as a preventive measure from eye problems

  • Supports and strengthens eye health

  • Helps maintain clarity of vision

  • Aids relief from dry eyes

  • Promotes sound sleep

  • Helps impart relaxation and rejuvenation to the eyes

  • Balances the doshas


What to expect?

Netra Tarpanam, the Sanskrit term constitutes 2 words - Netra meaning, the eyes and Tarpanam, meaning nourishment. Thus, it is a nourishing procedure where lukewarm medicated ghee (clarified butter) is retained over the eyes inside a specially designed cabinet made of black gram flour. A simple fomentation is first performed with a warm cotton towel, over the eyes. A compartment made of black gram flour paste is then placed over the eyes. Lukewarm medicated ghee is poured inside the compartment and is allowed to retain for a specific time period under expert supervision. You may be advised to open and close the eyes periodically during the procedure.

The entire procedure takes around 45 minutes to complete. Once the stipulated time is over, the compartment is removed, and ghee is completely wiped off with a sterile cotton cloth.

Experience Netra Tarpanam! Enjoy life with more clarity!