Kati Vasti

A procedure with exemplary benefits for the low back region, Kati Vasti helps you ‘stretch’ your comfort zone a little further. (The Sanskrit term Kati refers to low back and Vasti means ‘that which holds’). The procedure involves pooling up of warm medicated herbal oil inside a specially made compartment for a specific time period.

    Why Kati vasti?

  • A localized procedure meant exclusively for low back area

  • Helps strengthen the muscles of low back

  • Aids faster relief from pain and stiffness

  • Supports bone health of the low back region

  • Promotes strengthening of the spine

  • Helps improve blood circulation to the low back area

  • Helps check degeneration of the bones of lumbar region


What to expect?

Kati vasti is one of the most recommended Ayurveda procedures for the back region with unparalleled benefits. At Ayurtrita, we suggest only the best for you and Kati vasti is just one among the many. The procedure is performed with the individual lying flat comfortably, facing downwards. A specially prepared sculpted ring made of black gram paste is then positioned over the low back area.

Our Practitioners select the suitable Ayurveda herbal oil for you. It is heated up in a sterile vessel to optimum temperature which is tolerable. Warm oil is then poured inside the compartment and allowed to retain for a specific time period.

A gentle massage with the same oil is performed after the procedure. The entire procedure takes around 60 minutes to complete. Constant temperature maintained throughout and the pooling up of medicated oil facilitates easy penetration and faster relief from pain, stiffness and other discomforts.

Let the comfort stay back and not the pain!