Janu Vasti

Janu Vasti is a specialized Ayurveda procedure meant solely for the knees. The Sanskrit term Janu stands for knee and Vasti refers to “that which holds”. Janu Vasti is a traditional Ayurveda technique where warm medicated herbal oil is retained inside a compartment, placed over the knees.

    Why Janu Vasti?

  • A unique procedure intended for knee health

  • Helps promote knee joint health

  • Aids relief from pain and stiffness of knees

  • Helps enhance flexibility of knee joint

  • Supports lubrication of knee joint

  • Helps check age related degeneration affecting the knees

  • Promotes nourishment of bones, ligaments, muscles, and nerves etc.


What to expect?

Janu Vasti is meant to promote the overall health of the knee joint and hence the selection of suitable oil is a vital part. Our expert Ayurvedic practitioners will suggest the most suitable oil for you. Pure medicated herbal oil taken in a sterile vessel is warmed to optimum temperature. It is then slowly poured into a specially made compartment of black gram paste, placed over the knee.

The entire procedure takes about 60 minutes to complete. A gentle knee massage is performed after the procedure. Uniform temperature maintained throughout helps improve the blood circulation to the knees and enhances flexibility. The therapeutic effects of the herbal oil also promote lubrication of the joint and supports free movement.

Do not let your knees bear the entire weight of your life!